To open a sweepstakes cafe or to better manage your own business is a constant challenge that PromoGames takes up in order to support its customers. On this page we want to share key information, through a simple list of frequently asked questions, but we invite all who are interested in learning about the PromoGames world to contact us directly by email, in order to work on the details of the business!

1. How much do I pay for use of your software?

Our software is FREE. You have to buy only the entries that you need to use in our system. Please call or contact us for rates. There are volume discounts that we can discuss together. No setup costs or maintenance costs. You only pay us as you use the software.

2. What kind of hardware do I need?

Any computer equipped with Microsoft Windows supports PromoGames platform and games.

3. How do I install your software?

Our software is all Internet based. This provides you with the quickest setup possible.

4. How do I choose the right games?

You will want to choose games that will appeal to your typical customer base. We currently have approximately 50 games, including a wide variety of gameplay styles and themes. Our catalog is always growing!

5. Where can I find guides and information on the PromoGames platform?

All the features of the platform are on an online guide always available and you can download the complete manual. If these resources are not enough, our support team will be able to help you 24/24.

6. Can PromoGames assist me during the opening of the Sweepstakes Cafe?

Of course, please contact our sales support and we will agree on the best approach to start your sweepstakes cafe quickly.

7. In which states are the PromoGames games allowed?

All the states that allow the opening of Sweepstakes cafes also allow the Owners to use the PromoGames platform and games.