The Point of Sale (POS) system is the main center for a sweepstakes


The long-lasting and profitable partnerships with its customers made it possible for PromoGames to develop a Control Panel system which responds to the needs of the Sweepstake Owners, with useful features that are easy to access and manage. All the processes have been automated and may be performed remotely by using any computer or mobile device, from anywhere in the world! The POS component is able to perform all operations in two simple clicks, optimizing the cashier’s work time and minimizing any possible errors related to the collection or payment of premiums.

A control system of the activities collects the operational data of the POSs and collects them into reports and dashboards on the Control Panel system and makes them available in real time. From the Control Panel system you can also manage any legal aspects related to the operation of the games and to premium payments.

The cashier may add supplementary information to the customer’s card, emails and mobile phone numbers can be a good lever to use for promotional campaigns and increase customer loyalty. Through the availability of the credit status and logs of each customer, the cashier can donate Promo Credits and increase customer loyalty.

The Owner who chooses PromoGames is virtually present 24/24 alongside his employees


PromoGames has worked on the sweepstakes management platform in order to optimize and simplify the most advanced processes such as the re-crediting of the awards, the production of reports for each shift, the cancellation of incorrect transactions and the consultation of the records that encompass all the transactions performed by users and cashiers.

The Owner who chooses PromoGames for the management of his halls is virtually present 24/24 alongside his employees, thanks to an online platform, accessible from any type of device.

All reports on the performance of the workstations are available in real time, as well as the shift reports and the cash register activities.

What are the advantages of a fully online platform:

  • Immediate activation of the hall
  • No costs for server and technical maintenance
  • Regular and free updates
  • Remote control of all operations