The sweepstakes cafè games produced by PromoGames are state of the art in relation to graphics and sound effects.

The team of art designers works closely with the developers to create games with a fascinating plot and effects that are able to surprise as the phases of the game unfold on the customer’s station. Each game is available in our online catalog with a detailed description of the features, a presentation video and many screenshots that make it easy to choose the best in order to make for loyal and enthusiastic customers.

The owner of the sweepstakes, through the Control Panel is able to create the right combination of the amount of the hall’s Jackpot, the type and quality of available games and the distribution of PromoCredits, thus offering the customer hours of exciting game-playing. Also, through the help of the Control Panel, the owner can monitor the interest of its customers for the individual games, and if necessary, analyze the history of Customer accesses.