Mystery Island:Kikidoki's Treasure

Multiline slot with Istant Bonus, 2 Bonus Rounds, Freespins with multiplier

An old box found in uncle's karl attic, hides the map of an uncharted island, inhabited by curious natives. Jay, Cindy and Bo, leave for the adventure with the old uncle's biplane, in search of riches and a secret treasure that seems to be the elixir of happiness!

Istant Bonus Game (Click n' Pick)

During the game, some golden doors could appear in the reels, click on the symbol and hope in one of the various prizes possible! Istant credits, 5 freespins or the entrance to the Bonus Round Waterfall through the clouds!

Bonus Round Waterfall

Find the Magic Seed in the Click n Pick mode and follow the plant high up in the sky, it will lead to a secret place where only the Gods and the natives are allowed to be. Here Kikikat God will give you a precious gem with tons of prizes!

Jackpot Bonus Round!

When the Key symbol allignes on reels 1 and 5, giving a combination, a secret Bonus Round appears.

Help Jay to find Kiki's Town secret entrance

Try to go beyond the 6 levels of the game, choosing the right cave...but be careful! In addition to the prizes, big fishes live in the caves, and could frighten Jay causing the lost of oxygen. if you manage to find the right entry, you could expect the jackpot (bet x 750) and lots of new friends!

Hilarious animations

Cross Combos occur when 2 or all 3 of the main characters are side by side on the reels, creating funny and generous can get from 5 to 20 freespins!

Freespins with multiplier

While you are playing the freespins, the magic cauldron is bubbling a magic the end of the freespins round, thanks to the Shaman wizard and his assistant, a Kiki God is summoned, multiplying your winning up to x5!